I have provided the creative direction for my employers. I have over 25 years of experience. And I am very good at what I do.

Logo Designs
The most basic building block of good design.    
This design is actually a redesign. My company had a very basic logo design they liked but it needed to be updated to give it a much more polished and professional look.
As a graphic artist designing a logo is a most basic skill. My background and experience in printing has given me a very good insight into what elements are most important to a good logo design.
This logo is a sister company for Pepco Promotional Products so I thought it was important to reflect the other design and yet still maintain a uniqueness about it.
This logo was used to promote a stewardship campaign at a local church. It was used on letterheads and stationery.
A self promotion logo. Simple and clean and bold. My print experience has taught be your logo should be easily reproduced on almost anything. 
Team logo for a select soccer club.
Logo treatment for All American Spirit. Versatility was an important aspect to the use of this logo.
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